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Stefanos Stavrianos is currently, senior undergraduate student at the School of Applied Economics and Social Sciences in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Development. He has attended courses at Yale University ("Financial Markets"), Stanford University and University of British Columbia ("Game Theory I", "Game Theory II"), Higher School of Economics ("Mathematics for Economists", "Financial Modeling", "Econometrics", "Quantitative Methods in Finance") and the University of Aegean. Also, he obtained the "Quantitative Finance Specialization" from the Higher School of Economics. In addition, University of Aegean has published in 2021 his first reviewed paper: "Tourism and Local Development: Naxos Case Study" in the Ηonorary Volume with title: "Social Sciences and Geography: Theory, Methods & Techniques of Spatial Analysis". In this article, he and his team, present the case study of Naxos through a systemic approach, which takes into account the tourist development, productive capacity and cultural resources of the island. He is member of Post-Keynsian Economics Society and Progressive International.

  • Since 2018 he is Owner of the Unique Theme Hotel "PASAS CASTLE"

  • Since 2020 he is CFO of many Agribusinesses

  • Since 2021 he is Financial Advisor of the Agri-food Company "NUTRITION AG"

  • Since 2021 he is Census Enumerator of the Hellenic Statistical Authority